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Universe 2,9 implant system


Universe 2.9, with its particular conical shape, offers significant benefits for a wide spectrum of clinical applications always providing good aesthetic results.

Best performance in the cases:

• aesthetic position
• thin bone crest
• D1-D3 bone density
• limited space between front teeth
• immediate loading
• delayed loading

details   CATALOGUE
The implant features a highly innovative and ergonomic thread design.
This special morphology, thanks to the combination of the spiral squared and spiral buttress threads, is able to increase the implant surface by 20% compared to a the same implant without buttress threads providing a greater
and more uniform area of contact between bone and implant speeding up the osteointegration process.
The alternate buttress and square double spiral loop generates a perfect balance between intrusive, compressive, and diverging forces capable of providing the bone with exceptional growth stimuli.
The strong threads are designed for the added compression and surface area required in soft bone placement in order to fill void spaces around the threads by ensuring an immediate primary stability.
In fact, Universe, shows exceptional self-drilling properties which facilitate the implant placement and the direction in D1 and D2 bone types.
Universe stands out for its excellent apical part design selfdrilling and self-tapping.
A true “cold welding” in the taper Implant-abutment connection is produced by contact pressure between the surface of the female cone of the implant and that of the male cone of the abutment.
The friction created between the two surfaces of equal conicity tightened to 35 Ncm generates direct, durable, and waterproof interlocking. In fact, this type of connection is the only one that approaches the ideal condition of a monoblock implant, which is the one used in the monophasic system, universally proven to be longer-lasting than biphasic systems.
However, being able to mechanically achieve a perfect Morse tapered connection requires great attention and special skills starting from the design stage.
IML’s designers and mechanics know how to detect and evaluate each critical point in order to produce perfect components whose connection not only works well during the project but especially also in the patient’s mouth throughout their life.
As demonstrated by numerous studies carried out around the world, the resulting system is effective and reliable. (Bibliography page 42, rif. 1)
Another feature of the implant is the size of the internal thread connection: M1,6 which allows a secure and guaranteed seal over time.
The Universe 2.9 is specifically engineered with an unique range of abutments for its narrow diameter, in order to address esthetic challenges in compromised situations such as narrow interdental spaces or reduced bone availability.
Despite the small diameter, thanks to a perfect mix of design and material characteristics, our technicians have been able to realize a high performance and mechanically safe implant.
More than 30 controls in the various production stages on all product components.

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