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Power implant system



Power, a single-phase implant with a conical morphology, is the perfect solution for post-extraction cases, with an inclination of the abutment less than 30° and for immediate loading electro-welded implantology. The biomechanical principles applied to the Power implant ensure high primary stability in all types of bone, even in situations of soft bone.

The perfect solution for:

  • Any bone density;
  • Post extraction;
  • System with abutment tilt lower than 30°;
  • Electric-welded implantology with immediate loading.


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The biomechanical principles of the Universe system have been applied to the POWER and POWER OM implants in order to offer the implant surgeon a greater chance of solving implant-prosthetic problems by using a monophasic technique.

The POWER and POWER OM implants are made of top-quality grade 4 titanium for medical use exclusively imported from the United States and guaranteed free of manufacturing defects, radioactivity and mercury.

  • Root-shaped body: fast, safe and minimally invasive insertion
  • Self-tapping screw tip
  • Double alternate spur and square spiral: bio-functional load distribution
  •  SL surface treatment: basic conditions for fast and complete osteointegration
  • Monoblock: absence of bacterial infiltration inside the system


The tapered morphology of Power and its innovative twin-spiral thread, which is also present in the apical part, ensure rapid, safe, and minimally invasive surgical insertion.

The double alternate spur and square spiral generates a perfect balance between intrusive, compressive, and diverging forces capable of providing the bone with exceptional growth stimuli.

The immediate result of this geometric combination is high primary stability even in situations with altered bone which creates optimum conditions for an intimate contact with the bone, an advantage for faster osteointegration comparable to that obtainable with the totally submerged Universe implant biphasic system.

In addition, this particular morphology allows POWER implants subjected to masticatory forces and also to transverse forces to uniformly distribute the resulting mechanical stress, providing high bio-functionality in all types of bone, a prerequisite for predictable implant longevity.

IML has developed two different systems regarding the mono-block implant: POWER and POWER OM.

A peculiarity of the mono-block implant is the absence of connections and components. This allows bacteria do not infiltrate inside the system which, associated with the innovative profile of the spirals and of the abutment also makes the POWER and POWER OM implant an ideal solution for the electro-welded implantology using the immediate loading technique.

The surface of the prosthetic portion of these implants has a controlled roughness after polishing. The abutment has a hexagon in its terminal part, which couples with the implant driver during the insertion of the implant.

The trasmucosal part of the POWER OM implant has been designed to make the best use of the monophasic implant, with a particular emphasis being placed on aesthetic problems. POWER OM shows an intermediate portion of the abutment is provided with retention grooves suitable for the perfect anchorage of the crown. In fact, implants with a reduced diameter, normally used in the anterior mouth, have been designed with a different design of the trasmucosal part compared to larger diameter implants, which are the most frequently used in the posteriors.

Diversely, the profile of the prosthetic portion of POWER implant is cylindrical, with consequent absence of pre-defined trasmucosal height, a factor that allows greater flexibility in the preparation of an aesthetic crown fabricated according to the physiology of the individual patient.

More than 30 controls in the various production stages on all product components.

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