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Infinity implant system


The Infinity Dental Implant is manufactured to provide professionals with a reliable implant for all clinical procedures.

Best performance in the cases:

  • low density bone
  • post extractive
  • delayed load
  • immediate load

The shape of the implant is truncated conical, where the apex has a slightly conical shape while the portion of the collar and the body of the implant are cylindrical, in order to ensure greater primary stability of the implant.
Infinity is characterized by a micro-thread on the portion of the collar destined to engage the cortical. In the area of the implant that must be immersed in the spongy tissue, the threads are less and more pronounced. The threads have a compressive and condensing effect and provide secure anchorage. The threads combined with apical blades characterize the implant and make it self-masking.
The strengths of Infinity are: the high primary stability, a moderate insertion speed, a single internal hexagonal connection valid for five diameters (3.3,3.8,4.2,4.6,5.2), the switching-platform and the surface treatment.
All threads have a surface treatment SL type, made by double sandblasting followed by the etching process with acid solutions.

Respecting the peculiar differences between bone and soft tissue, the Infinity implant is hybrid, with surfaces treated differently according to the different positions.
The collar is equipped with micro-threads able to increase the surface of intimate contact between cortical bone and implant, and is able to distribute the load to the bone in a balanced way during insertion. In addition, micro-threading is essential to the maintenance of cortical bone around the implant, preventing natural post-operative resorption and reducing stress.
The cylindrical and micro-threaded section tapers gradually to Ø3.5 of the polished switching platform, intended to facilitate soft tissue adhesion while counteracting the attack of bacterial colonization. The Infinity implant has a single platform for connection to the prosthetic part.
The switching platform of h 0.6 mm connects the different diameters of the implants to the single diameter of the prosthetic parts.
As a result, the tapering of the switching platform is more evident in larger diameter implants. In the Ø3.3 implant, the diameter of the collar is 0.2 mm larger than the diameter of the platform, so the switching platform has a slightly tapered morphology.
The combination of these characteristics guarantees flexibility in managing the depth during placement, without altering the primary stability of the implant even in medium-soft bone.

The Infinity implant shows a flaring internal hexagonal connection. This kind of connection, combined with Friction abutments and manufactured in compliance with the excellence standards that distinguish the entire IML production process, reduces the horizontal strain on the bone, distributes correctly the masticatory forces within the implant, protects the retention screw from excessive load, guarantees an excellent stability of the prosthetic parts and an optimal, long-lasting bacterial seal.

The essential conditions to implement such excellent performances are the perfectly centered internal hexagon in relation to the implant axis and the tolerance of 5 thousandths of a mm on the hexagon measure, guaranteed on 100% of the production.

Infinity prosthetic parts too are manufactured in strict compliance with measures and tolerances.

In fact, IML applies the same high-quality standards during the production of each component, not only for the implants. In this way, IML mechanically achieves the perfect coupling between implant and abutment.

More than 30 controls in the various production stages on all product components.

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